azumith v2

azumith v2 v2_a2

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The whole area around B played poorly so I changed it all up.

  • Lowered B and A-B and B-C connectors. Red should have much less high-ground advantage now.
  • Reworked B-C connector
  • Reworked A-B connector slightly
  • Removed lazy highground on B for Red. Added high ground that's closer to Blu
  • Gave Red some cover out of their new route. Added some more pickups to B.
  • Changed Blu's forward spawn to better flow to the new B-C connector.
  • Opened up another window in the highground overlooking B where Blu's forward spawn used to be. Also added some pickups in there so Red can hold better.
  • Brought back the drop-down on C so it's more in the open now. Hopefully Blu won't be able to sneak behind Red for free this time.
  • Added a resupply cabinet to Red's final respawn because. Yeah. It wasn't there last time lol

Screenshots of changes:
I have implemented some changes with feedback from PigPig before the first test.

  • Removed existing smallest exit from Blu spawn as Red could spam through it into Blu spawn positions.
  • Added new small exit from Blu spawn onto route leading to high ground in the spawn yard
  • Slightly widened main terrain route for Blu on A
  • Raised some doorways to prevent headbumping
  • Widened some doorways to help Blu push
  • Fixed a lot of clipping issues
  • Changed alternate route from B to C lobby to be shorter and easier for Blu to push
  • Altered catwalks in C lobby for Blu to prevent players from hiding underneath them

Screenshots of changes:
No changes! Site just ate the download link so I have to reupload it. Wonderful!