asdtm a11

Thundermountain and Upward

  1. a11

    Fixed red spawn?
  2. a10

    Gave blue highground in A.
    Red has separate spawn for A.
    Moved respawn visualizers backward to allow blue players to move more freely.
  3. a9

    Expanded Red spawn area
  4. a8b

    Reworked B
  5. a7

    Reworked A
    Remade B
    Added a new route from blue spawn to B
    Reopened a path from B to C for blue. It only opens after the B is captured and opens very slowly.
  6. a6

    Changed doors to indicate when it opens
    Edited B to be more in favor of red
    Added healthpack in the central area
    Merged two small healthpacks near A into one medium health pack
  7. a5

    Added a drawbridge
    Removed B building access from blue side
  8. a4

    Added healthpack in window looking down at A.
    Added a fence in building in front of A.
    Moved the gate from blue spawn to blue forward so that blue's access to the B building is limited until A is captured.
    Closed off the room with window looking down at blue spawn
    Reworked final point to be an elevator. (45% decrease in cart movement speed while on elevator)
  9. a3

    Uploaded proper version
  10. a3

    Moved the final point higher to give red more advantage
    Added window looking down at blue spawn in the building near B
    Changed B-C connector to an indoor stairs.
    Made second gate from B to red spawn one way
    Added room with window looking down at A to make A more defendable
    Moved the red spawn up by 128 units
    Moved the room between red spawn and C up by 128, allowing red to enter C without being in low ground.