arena_jikko 2018-22-1

An Arena map being worked on by a very bad, and highly incompetent map builder..

  1. It's been a while.

    Bunker Junker
    Whoa look an update for a map people probably thought was abandoned! Well, I'm still working on it, despite sucking at it.

    Basically, I:

    - Updated the skybox
    - Add a little more detailing
    - Fixed some missing textures
    - Tried messing around with some lighting
    - I think I got rid of all the leaks in my map, so full bright shouldn't be an issue anymore. (Hopefully...)
    - Add/remove some clipping

    And about a few more things I forgot.

    About it..
  2. Just another update where the skybox is still bad.

    Bunker Junker
    - Experimenting with some textures seeing if they fit with the map. (Please give me your thoughts on them.

    - Fixed some leaks in the map. (Still got more to fix)

    - Replaced the skybox due to it not being HDR, whatever that means and is. (Hammer apparently doesn't like non-HDR skyboxes.)

    - Added a little more HL2 overlays (because I'm too lazy and ignorant to make some overlays.) to detail the place a bit more

    - Added some more props to make the place a bit more nicer.

    - Fixed up some...
  3. Just a small update.

    Bunker Junker
    - Fixed up some of the roads that I thought were "bad" due to old building techniques I did.

    - Added two sewer cover overlays on the road to make it look "nicer".

    - Resized some things that were sticking out of the skybox. (Man I was terrible back then.)

    - Experimenting with a HL2 overlay near the middle section.

    - Added some clipping to the arrow ramps near spawn because I forgot to add some

    - Fixed some barely noticeable misplaced textures with proper ones.

    And that's about it for...
  4. tiny things.

    Bunker Junker
    fixed some misplaced textures

    added some gravel textures near the trains

    about it.
  5. texture changes and a tiny bit more

    Bunker Junker
    I changed the textures with "reflective" textures, whatever those are. :^)

    I've also added some models, and built a few things to pretty up the map a bit.

    About it.
  6. small stuff part 392.2042324

    Bunker Junker
    Just small details, and stuff like that.

    Also been trying out some different lighting on the cars but as of now it's still crap, gotta work on it.
  7. small stuff part idk.234

    Bunker Junker
    - Add some clipping that blocks bullets/projectiles to places that I believe would stop a future problem from occurring.

    - Messed around with one of the buildings around mid.

    - I build a little bit

    - Add some more props to detail the place a bit more

    - Added a bit more lighting onto some signs.

    That's about it.
  8. small stuff part I have no idea anymore.

    Bunker Junker
    - Added health and ammo packs, the spots may be changed in the future if they turn out to be bad spots.

    - Fixed some minor crappy building tactics used in previous versions

    - Added some lighting to 3/4 of the car's headlights, but sadly I'm gonna have to keep working on them, as the lighting currently on them sucks.

    - Brighten up the spawn room way more, and added a few props to them.

    - Removed some extra props that I forgot to remove.

    - Added a pumpkin near the dead body, because why...
  9. More minor things because I'm too lazy to do a big update

    Bunker Junker
    - Add a few props

    - Messed around with buildings that are on the sides of the map

    Pretty much it.
  10. Small stuff part 7.2031321312345r324534

    Bunker Junker
    - Opened up a small area for experimental reasons

    - Add some more models for detail reasons

    - A bit more lighting

    - Build a few more things

    That's about it.