arena_jikko 2018-22-1

An Arena map being worked on by a very bad, and highly incompetent map builder..

  1. Just a small update.

    Bunker Junker
    - Fixed up some of the roads that I thought were "bad" due to old building techniques I did.

    - Added two sewer cover overlays on the road to make it look "nicer".

    - Resized some things that were sticking out of the skybox. (Man I was terrible back then.)

    - Experimenting with a HL2 overlay near the middle section.

    - Added some clipping to the arrow ramps near spawn because I forgot to add some

    - Fixed some barely noticeable misplaced textures with proper ones.

    And that's about it for now, sorry for the long wait, I just lost the VMF files for this map due to an incident. I would like to thank Necro for converting the BSP file I had to a VMF so I could work on this map again.

    I do plan on trying to fix that skybox because a few of you have told me that the map is in full bright, then afterwards I plan on getting this map into play testing.

    Till next time.
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