72hr Arena_FutureMesa_a3 A3

The Counter Strike of Team Fortress 2 Mapping

  1. Tuaam
    This was a map I made for the 2016 summer 72 hr Competition. In this 72 hours, I made a fully functional Arena map, with texturing, props, soundscapes, and pickups.

    Gameplay revolves around a RED and BLU office complex, connected to an outdoor courtyard with a control point in the middle. There are very little pickups scattered around, and it's in Arena Mode, meaning that you can't respawn until the round ends.

    This map has gone through 2 testing iterations and has been finished at interval A3.

    The offices contain data banks, computer consoles, a multi - television surveillance setup, and a small lounge. The coutryard is littered with garbage, and has small debris littered around.

    And lastly, the interconnecting system of corridors and hallways connects both the office complex and the courtyard. It is up to you to figure out how to utilize these scenarios to your advantage.

    I got the name from Black Mesa. The map could be the "Future site for the Black Mesa Foundation"; Hence the name, FutureMesa.

    P.S: Some Assets were used from the Frontline Asset Pack. Or the Maritime Asset pack, I forgot.


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