Arcadia A7b

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Arcadia A7b

KoTH map with unique(ish) layout

Arcadia is a King of the Hill map, with a somewhat unique layout: the backs of both spawn rooms are facing each other, and the point is placed on top of the building they form. The main area is surrounded by the ocean (use your imagination), the RED/BLU facilities, and a waterfall, and a train runs near the point every now and then. Since it's in alpha, I'm mostly focused on locking down gameplay, but I have some ideas for detailing. Testing has only been done by me and bots, no other players yet.

I am aware that it is asymmetrical. That is because I'm not sure what layout is better (leaning towards red side, though). That is one of the things I need feedback on. Note that this is my first TF2 map and first experience with Hammer, so expect some of the problems associated with that. For example, I have no idea how to do optimization. Thanks to Crash for his tutorials, by the way.

Abandoned because of too many inherent flaws in its design (180 out of spawn, too much water, pointless back areas, weird doors, awkward buildings, probably more)


a7_ss_balcony.png a7_ss_mid3.png a7_ss_redback.png a7_ss_redspawn1.png a7_ss_spytech.png a7_ss_traintunnel.png

All screenshots: (SFM doesn't like prop lighting for some reason)
First release
Last update
King of the Hill

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Latest updates

  1. Alpha 7b

    Same version, just with bsp_repack
  2. Alpha 7

    A7 changelog: TREES! Only one affects gameplay, though Added identical rooms under the point/spawns, connecting the tunnel to the backside of the point Made doors in tunnel team only and always unlocked Lowered the height of the building outside...
  3. Alpha 6

    A6 changelog: Dynamic shadow angle fixed Better lighting (-final, -textureshadows) Better prop lighting (-staticproplighting, -staticproppolys) Thanks to Ruarai and Maxdup for CompilePal!