Catwalk A5c

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Catwalk A5c

My cat prefers sleeping over walking, but close enough

A 2cp, 1 stage A/D map, set in a Powerhouse/Junction-like Red facility next to a trainyard. The second half of the map is underground, and it takes place just after sunset. It's my third map (second for TF2).

Playtesting state: Ready

thumbnail.jpg 20160718150633_1.jpg 20160718150651_1.jpg 20160718150659_1.jpg 20160718150735_1.jpg 20160718150752_1.jpg 20160718150811_1.jpg 20160718150834_1.jpg 20160718150844_1.jpg 20160718150920_1.jpg 20160718150957_1.jpg 20160718151016_1.jpg 20160718151031_1.jpg 20160718151111_1.jpg 20160718151215_1.jpg 20160718151240_1.jpg 20160718151405_1.jpg

Edited bot navigation mesh if anyone want it
First release
Last update
Attack/Defense CP

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Latest updates

  1. Alpha 5c

  2. Alpha 5b

    Added popup sign outside blue's forward spawn Changed CP2 capture time to 8 (from 10) Fixed clipping above CP2 CP1 door for red spawn unlocks after CP2 is capped Made rocket support taller
  3. Alpha 5

    Fresh coat of paint (for visibility) Easier to spot red players, more consistent Moved first blue spawn back + gave it a building Kinda like Gorge Completely redid the tunnels towards underground Similar flow, less spammy, more catwalks...