Angkor RC2

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Angkor RC2


PL_Angkor is a 3 stages payload map (goldrush like) with some CP in stage 2 and 3 to allow the cart to continue moving on its path.

After BLU's plane crashed in the cambodian jungle, they encountered RED team wandering around a khmer temple, so they quickly decided to just blow up everything ...
They'll need to bring their explosive-filled cart from their plane, to the temple entrance up to the top of the temple and drop it into the sacrifice pit !
First release
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Latest updates

  1. changelog for rc2

    - added forward spawn for defense in stage C - some tweaks to geometry in stage A in order to break some line of sights and help a little bit more the offense - fixed some bugs with elevators and doors related to the capture points - updated...

Latest reviews

very good
This map looks realy cool. Good job!
I really appreciate the art style of the map; it reminds me of N64. However, the standards for maps have definitely increased since and adjustments accordingly would be nice. For example, when I was playing, the lack of detail in the trees totally stuck out to me and ruined the immersion that I had in the setting.

Other than that, the layout is fun to play on but shouldn't be taken too seriously. Really fun on pubs.