Angkor RC2


  1. squintik
    PL_Angkor is a 3 stages payload map (goldrush like) with some CP in stage 2 and 3 to allow the cart to continue moving on its path.

    After BLU's plane crashed in the cambodian jungle, they encountered RED team wandering around a khmer temple, so they quickly decided to just blow up everything ...
    They'll need to bring their explosive-filled cart from their plane, to the temple entrance up to the top of the temple and drop it into the sacrifice pit !


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Recent Reviews

  1. Anonymous
    Version: RC2
    very good
  2. Dadema
    Version: RC2
    This map looks realy cool. Good job!
  3. Diva Dan
    Diva Dan
    Version: RC2
    I really appreciate the art style of the map; it reminds me of N64. However, the standards for maps have definitely increased since and adjustments accordingly would be nice. For example, when I was playing, the lack of detail in the trees totally stuck out to me and ruined the immersion that I had in the setting.

    Other than that, the layout is fun to play on but shouldn't be taken too seriously. Really fun on pubs.
  4. Comrade PaPa Bear
    Comrade PaPa Bear
    Version: rc
    Nice map.
  5. Lampenpam
    Version: rc
    A lot of nice custom assets, but the layout has many places which are too open and give snipers very long sightlines. Still fun on pubs.