Amaryllis b2

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- Extended setup time to 80 seconds (from 60)
- At last, widened the space around the side entrance (right side from blu's perspective)
- Put a cliff in the middle of the water so you can't see across the map anymore. I'd prefer it if you could, but optimisation is more important! So hopefully frames should be better.
- For similar reasons, changed the fence near B to a solid wall.
- Smoothed the route up to the roof of the bridge on blu's side, should be a bit easier to get up there now without awkwardly jumping on rocks
- Fixed places you could get oob or stuck
- Added a beam across the main blu spawn door so it doesn't look invisible with just the grate texture from far away
- Changed the glass door covering the last pit to a white grate. As before, this opens when the cart gets close to the end but now it should be more obvious if there's the pit is open or not.
- Thinned a shelf
- More oob detailing
- Minor texturing and clipping changes
- I think that's everything?

As long as nothing huge breaks, this will probably be the last edit to my checklist contest entry. Been working on it for like 4 months now and have really lost motivation to do much with it lately. I'd rather not quickly rush to add a load more stuff now when I can just leave it as it is and come back in a couple months to finish everything up then.

thanks have fun
sure beta why not.
Been working on it a lot since the last version so might miss some minor changes, but it's mostly just cosmetic stuff. I've tried to optimise some parts of the map better but I'm worried that some people might still get low fps because of the layout (and my cluenessless) making almost the entire map render at once in places. At this stage it's just area portals, slightly awkward skyboxes, and fade distances on props holding it all together, but I'm curious to see how this runs as it is now. I think I get lows of ~90fps in the worst areas but understand that it'll be very different with a server full of players and on different computers. Anyway,

Gameplay changes:
- Moved the small health/ammo in window room overlooking last to the opposite wall. This should be easier to see when walking around that area, and is at a more protected angle for Blu if they're shooting out of the window and closer to Blu's left route into last. Should also be easier for Red to use it if playing around the right side defending the area after C.
- Put nobuild on the bridge roof. I wanted to avoid doing this by adding some angles for Blu to use to destroy any sentries up there but couldn't find somewhere that wouldn't benefit red more than blu.
- Made the side route to bypass the bridge more obvious by changing the shape of the big rock formation. Hopefully you'll be able to see the route when going around the spiral rather than it being completely obscured by the rock.
- Made the area just before the spiral easier to walk around. You can get up to the bridge from the ground without going inside the building.
- Added a ramp in the D-window room to make it easier to escape the low ground.
- Added a medium health kit in the far corner behind B, making this area less useless.
- Remade Blu first spawn. The doors are in roughly the same positions but the right exit is slightly more protected, good for sneaking up the cliffs.
- Fixed minor clipping/sewing issues

Other changes:
- Everything should be textured now. No dev textures unless I've missed something
- These places are detailed now:
- Blu first spawn!
- Space left of Blu's first spawn!
- The island in the middle of the lake!
- OOB area behind Red's forward spawn (around where the new medium health is)!
- That D-shaped building the cart goes through!
- Some of the rooms at last!
- Made the river/waterfall bit prettier.
- Changed the colour of some signs based on feedback.
- Added areaportals to separate the main B area from the main C area, hopefully improving performance(??)
- Tidied the skybox a bit so there should be less buildings popping into view, but I'm aware there are still some issues, particularly around the centre lake.

thanks for reading
- Added an alternate route for Blu to bypass the bridge. It's designed to be a one way route for blu as I don't want red to easily be able to flank their spawn but jumping classes (including scout) can get up there.
- Redid the supports on the bridge
- Fixed some weird block bullets and sightlines around the bridge
- Added a safer, more protected way for non-jumping classes to get on top of the bridge.
- More signs to help show that the ground around the river will kill you
- Made the bridge prettier
- Lowered the skybox of the whole map, it's around the same height as badwater now rather than 6 miles high
- Semi-fixed some of the weird skybox issues drawing lines over everything but I plan on completely redoing this when the layout is finalised.
- Simplified the little shack with the medium ammo after the bridge so it's easier to access.
- Moved ceiling lights higher up so they're less in your face.
- Added a ramp to make it easier to exit the windows overlooking last.
- Added some missing patches under health/ammo in this room too.
- Fixed some displacement seams
- Fixed some clipping issues getting people trapped in rocks
- Continued texturing and minor detailing in some areas.

It's getting there. I still want to remake blu spawn as I've never really liked it, but I'll keep the doors where they are now. I also still need to fix the skybox issues making things invisible and finish texturing things. Then I can inch towards beta and start work on the 3d skybox
Not that many gameplay changes, but thought I may as well call this a6

- Actually fixed packing this time, I was lying before
- Started texturing & detailing around A and the entrance to B
- Added a small ledge overlooking A, on Blu's side giving red another option to defend.
- Added clipping to the space between B and C where before demos/soldiers could fly pretty much fly from A to C
- Generally tidied things up, smoothed some displacements, clipped off some areas you could get stuck
fixed packing issues
Took a while but we got there. Most changes are too big to be worth describing in text but generally,

- Diverted the track at B down to the low ground instead of across the bridge (which is now gone). Moved red's spawn at B slightly further back.
- Blu's final forward spawn has moved and in it's place is an extension to the side route into B, hopefully making it more useful than before.
- Almost completely reworked C, using some elements from previous versions.
- Flipped the whole last area and shortened the track leading into the pit. Adjusted flank routes into last for the new layout.

With this version, I've changed one of the checklist ticks from dynamic payload element to crossing over a hazard.

As always, any and all feedback welcome.


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- Added a medium ammo pack near the croc lake at A
- Removed rollback zone approaching B
- Redesigned the turbine room at B to give attackers more height over the tracks, but it's also now easier for defenders to use this room. Hopefully this should be a more contested place and draw more fighting there rather than splitting it between the 4 paths into the area.
- Added a route out of the pit at B back towards Blu's side. You have to jump out so it's not a super easy escape but still a way to retreat.
- Lowered some of the high ground Red has at B
- Shortened the end of the pit at B so you can more easily walk across the left side (where the big pipe was)
- Changed a small ammo kit at B to a medium ammo kit, the one in Blu's left most building.
- Added a forward spawn for Blu attacking C.
- Minor clipping/lighting changes


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- Reduced Blu respawn times
- Removed crate at A next to the shack that allowed players to jump up there as it created some strong sightlines for Blu
- Reverted change to sightlines on B to how it was in a1
- Turned the rollback zone at B into two shorter rollback zones with a buffer in between to act as a mini checkpoint half way up the ramp.
- Moved Red's resupply cabinet in forward spawn further back and away from the door.
- Reverted changes to the track at C to how it was in a1. The room to the side of the track is still there but the medium health kit has been reduced to a small.
- Added a path from the door into last up to the highground around C
- Added a balcony route into last for Blu.
- Widened doorways leading into last.
- Minor clipping and lighting changes


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- Blu spawn no longer has shutter doors, just normal set up gates that stay open. Blu team spawns in a safer place now to compensate.
- Made the area behind the shack in front of Blu spawn more interesting. You can jump up onto the roof now.
- Added another section of track to C, hopefully allowing Red to set up more of a defense and make it less of a free point for Blu. This includes a medium health kit and small ammo pack.
- Nerfed a sightline on B a little bit (but not too much because I like it).
- Redesigned Red's forward spawn, giving them a second exit and having them spawn slightly further away from B point.
- Covered the pit at last until the cart reaches the rollback zone. When it is open, it stays open until the end of the round.
- Fixed some missing patches under health/ammo.
- Added clipping to places you could get stuck. Made some signs/lights non-solid so you can't perch up in places you shouldn't.
- Adjusted spectator cams
- Extra lighting in dark places.
- Optimisation, mainly around last, but still very much wip with this.
- Crocodile!


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