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Release of the "Major Fix", nothing much done to the layout, though fixed major mistake on my part which had possibility of locking the wave entirely.

And I only noticed existence of that "bug" right after contest's deadline.

Map changes:

- Weirdly clipped thingie here https://i.imgur.com/EKMO7Qx.jpg
(I'm pretty sure I clipped it in the wrong way) (thanks LeSwordfish)
- Fixed nav mesh near this thingie https://i.imgur.com/5Wt40xx.png (Thanks Jakapoa)
- Fixed that darn thing with waves getting "locked". So, in case if airdrop bots won't get spawned due to hitting the playerslot cap, then they'll spawn on ground near main spawns once enough slots would be freed.

Pop file changes:

- NaaN. I guess it's kind of fine as it is...

- Nerfed "Air Striker"'s reloading speed
- The only Kritz medic duo on wave 3 now pops kritz instantly as they spawn. And yeah, those are the medics that heal that Major Airstriker
Now I used template.pop thingie for the most spammable bots. (smgeers, airstrikers, etc.) (Thanks Jakapoa, again.)
Map updates:

- "Improved" nav thing. Though non carriers still are happy to go anywhere where they'd like to. Though that mostly would be escorting the carrier.

Pop files:

- ...

Oh yeah, there's none.
Map changes:

- Tweaked some textures a bit.

Pop file:


- Got custom icons for some bots (Combat/Kritz medics) (Thanks to Iron Gauntlet robot icon pack - https://tf2maps.net/threads/mvm-class-icons.27848/)


- Nerfed sniper's long-range capabilities on wave 2. Kind of counter intuitive, ain't it?
Map changes:

- Added some wooden ramps on map

- Removed some of nobuilds due to that said ramps providing pathes to bots (Mostly Sentry Busters) to previously nobuilded areas.

Pop file changes:


- Now bots from "main" spawnbots would spawn first, so bomb won't end up in bot-inaccesible locations. Though, with those ramps, there probably no more "bot-inaccessible" locations anymore, so... Why not, eh?


- Put some syringe medics in squads, so now they're supposed to be a bit aggressive with those.
Map changes:

- Fixed possibility to break hatch glass by explosives.

- Now giant robots supposed to not get stuck on wooden ramp near bot spawn. (Just some nav file fixes)
Map changes:

- Tried to fix some of the floating props

- Added a way to "left relative to defender's spawn flank route" from spawn

- Tried to reduce sighline on "2nd route". Probably failed due to laziness.

- Fixed up nav a bit.

- Placing sentries on middle tank is now legal.

Pop file changes:


- More combat medics.

- Added randomchoice to wave 5 to randomly *duh* choose between Natasha Giant and Huo Long Heater Giant.


- Shotgun giants on wave 4 are now "static", MaxActive set to 2 with TotalCount 4.
Moved map to beta 1 stage. Kind of already had detailing from a8-a7, layout kind of works, so...


- Hooray, map screenshots on medium game quality.

Map changes

- Tried to improve nav file a bit. Big robots supposed to not get stuck on middle roof anymore. Supposed to.

- Added nav avoids in some places so giants won't get stuck in some weird places. (LIGHTPOLES, MY ONLY WEAKNESS!)

- HDR lighting. I'm sorry for your eyes.

- A bit more details

- "Debris" displacement stuff on tank pathes.

Pop files

- Buffed "Uber" Medic's health on wave 4.

- Buffed Demomen health on wave 5.

Well, now I would need some feedback on how map's looking, probably.
Map Changes:

- More crates near Turretless Tank™, so now there's possibility to get closer to alternative bot spawn without crouch-jumping.

- Added fog in skybox

- Added more "breathing room" for giants. Basically, I just moved 1 lightpole somewhere else. Yeah. That's it.

- Adjusted nav file

- Moved teleporter hints away from walls and stuff, now giant aren't supposed to get stuck when teleporting through those teletraps. (Though I didn't test all teleporter spawns, so there still might be posibility that 1.75 scaled bots would get stuck)

Pop file changes:

- Advanced overhaul. And by overhaul, I mean I added more botspam. And Air Strikes.

- Changed bot timing on wave 4 in Normal mode.

- Replaced Crossbows with syringes for Medics on that said wave.
Map Changes:

- Added Forward Upgrade Station (FUS)

- Started detailing stuff.

- Added poor cover near bot spawn

- Redid displacement on bot's "ledge", so it isn't possible anymore to launch bots back on spawn with Loose cannon. I think it isn't possible, not sure though.

- Also redid lighting a bit.

Mission Changes:

- Tried to make missions a bit more tough. I guess I failed
Did minor changes to map, mainly to make sure that bots won't get stuck in some places.

Map changes:
- Reworked central area a bit so giants won't get stuck between vent and wooden plank.

- Reworked nav as well.

- Tried to reduce count of levitating sandbags by filling them with sand that's actually heavier than air.

- Added new skybox.

- Started detailing some stuff. Map still is ugly as hell.

- Replaced all of dev textures with nodraw. Now map takes less memory.

- Disabled collisions with prop doors and corkboards. As well as fixed some of the playerclips.

Pop file changes:

- Now normal mission isn't "advanced2" in disguise:

Removed samurai bots from first wave.

Added spy supports in second wave

"Balanced" sniper's numbers

Nerfed tanks' health from 30k to 20k (Applies to every tank in mission)

Replaced blast giants with spammer soldiers.

Replaced giant medics with 3 usual quick fix medics.

Reduced count of "Expert"/"Hard" bots.

Replaced Demo giants in 5th wave on usual Demos. They still got their usual abilities, though. As well as ~1.35 scale.

Adjusted muneh. earnings.

- Advanced improvements:

Reduced quickfix medics on 1st wave from 2 per squad to 1.

Replaced Backup soldiers with Conch ones.

Replaced engineers on wave 2 with spies

Nerfed Sniper's SMG fire rate on 2nd wave. (Though item description shows "+100% firerate". Don't trust it)

Removed crits from heavies on 3rd wave

Replaced primaries of scouts with melee on 3rd wave

Engineers on wave 4 now place teleporters. (1/3 chance that engineer will teleport in as well)

Upped count of max active support scouts on wave 5.

Adjusted muneh earnings.

(Didn't update screenshots for the map as of now.)