bad map

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  1. Dupiter

    Skeletomb Event B6

    WARNING #1: This is a fairly bad map (in my eyes) WARNING #2: This map is not finished DISCLAIMER: I doubt I'll ever finish this map (Yeah it's not a good map. But still way better than my older maps.) This is a re-upload because I accidentally deleted the original version
  2. Cuasi

    Thightower 2021-09-23

    It's hightower, but the textures have been replaced with thighs, because thightower kinda sounds like hightower. i regret this deeply. also complicit in this sin is Rosa, she converted all the textures to .vtfs. You can find her on steam here:
  3. This Guy.

    Rooftops v2

    This is my first upload to tf2maps, so I may be a bit of a freshman when it comes to suffixes, since I don't really use them (I upload to the steam workshop most of the time) Note: best played at 5 intel caps or more. Here's my take on a short and somewhat cramped version of ctf. Nothing...
  4. ThatGreenSpyGuy

    cp_pleasedontsucklikemyothermaps a2

    Spoiler alert: it sucks like my other maps. Smallish CP A/D with 3 points. A map I've been working on for a long time, design is alright imo but we'll have to see what the playtesters think. I'll try my best to update and such.
  5. Zoomspilo

    Muck A1B

    This is a KOTH map that has a swamp theme. That's about it.
  6. Tick Magnet

    What we can learn from Mercenary Park.

    I'm currently looking at official maps in TF2 to learn about game play flow and design. I've decided to start out with Mercenary Park, because in my group of friends it is considered one of the worst maps to be added to the game, (up there with Dustbowl and Turbine.) The map swings heavily in...
  7. TheFluffycart

    KoTH Mine a2

    Have you ever wanted to play a map so bad and unfair, that's it's funny? Then here is this dumpster fire for your enjoyment. This is a WIP map, and for ghits and shiggles, I slapped a point in, and released this. The main point is to see the theme, and get opinions
  8. robotranic

    meme tower but its underwater 2018-10-02

    in the year 2018 the badlands has been swept into a new age now called the bad waters many have fled inland to occupies new territory that are away from the approaching threat of the ocean. from this Apocalypse high_tower has become a sanctuary for 2 types of pyro sharks and 4 new species. the...
  9. FloofCollie

    Fresh Timbs A2

    Fresh Timbs! This this is the map designed to channel everything horrible and unfun that's possible in Team Fortress 2! Images: For starters, it's Symmetric 2CP! Just capture the other team's Control Point! But don't think it'll be so easy! It takes a full minute, a full sixty...
  10. LLamaManners

    koth_manners alpha 1.1

    First map, very bad.. it's still a dev map. please critic my map.
  11. strafe

    koth_field a1

    Hi all! This year I had a lot less time than last year. First I wanted to recreate the office building I work in, but with alterations so the gameplay is actually tolerable; it was a huge pain in the ass so I ended up scrapping it. I still wanted to make a map, so learning from last year I...
  12. red3pit

    Ajmer a2

    5cp map with mid point on a bridge and deadly water under it. Couldn't be worse. Screens: To do list: - resize/redo area from mid to second
  13. PenolAkushari

    Airdrop rc3

    Be warned though - that thing is my second map, so proceed with caution... With that being said, welcome to the "Airdrop", pretty strange map. Features: 2 tank pathes, Bot spawns that allow bots to drop down from the air on B.A.S.E. Jumper chutes. Got 3 pop files for the map, 1 is "example"...
  14. Joel

    72hr cp_mackerel a2

    My entry for the Winter 2017 72hr TF2Jam! This map is a remake of port mackerel from Splatoon with a few adjustments due to size differences. Features: -An annoying chokepoint that is almost the minimal size required for any class to fit through. -Literally just 5cp but only both B points. -No...
  15. JimJam

    72hr KOTH_twinbridge 2017-02-12

    I'm obviously not looking for a reward here. This is a map that's still in development but its my first. Super special thanks to UEAK Crash for making this possible. I went into this with no experience and created a map with only a few tutorial videos on his youtube. Why am i posting this to TF2...
  16. Birdt

    Traincrash A3

    More screenshots do exist, check the updates section. This is a VERY, (and I mean VERY) small King Of The Hill map that I made. It was inspired by koth_viaduct and koth_harvest. {I am no longer working on this map. I was using it learn the basics of Hammer and TF2 map making, and that was its...