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A Mournful Revenge [SFM Poster] 2017-02-11 V2

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A Mournful Revenge [SFM Poster] 2017-02-11 V2

SFM poster for the 72 hour jam A Mournful Revenge


My entry into the 72 hour jam!
I put way too much effort into some small details like the crowns positioning but I think it turned out really well!
Tell me what you guys think :)
Also here is a pre-photoshop version of the image for reference:
Brandini Panini
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Latest updates

  1. Lighting changes on the right wall and sword to correctly mimic nightime lighting

    An art critic friend of mine was freaking out about the correct night time lighting so I decided to make the change and it turned out to help the piece look a little more complete!