3d Printed knife

Past 72hr Jam Entry 3d Printed knife 1

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Past 72hr Jam Entry 3d Printed knife 1

CAD files to 3d print a working spy knife

This will be a fully 3d printed spy knife that can be used as a balisong trainer. My goal for this jam is to have one in my hands when it is over, but due to some technical issues and work i'm not sure if it will be finished in time.

Capture.PNG View attachment 22447

I was having a lot of issues with what I believe to be warping. The easiest way to fix this is to make each handle one part instead of three. I'm not sure if it will be be able to bend around the pegs so that is what im testing now.

This was after trying to correct the warping as well as clamping the pieces together when glueing.

This is the new handle that i am testing http://imgur.com/a/Hcxnz

This if the final knife that I'm submitting for the jam. I had to remove the aluminum on the blade because it was getting caught in the flipping action. During this jam I worked with a new filament as well as a new aluminum finishing technique.

In the future I'm going to fix the tolerances and make the handle slide more smoothly.
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Very cool idea! But do you have any better pictures of the final product? (Or is the knife actually that green in real life? :P)