2street Alpha 5 rev. B

RED and BLU take to the streets in a briefcase race!

  1. Minor update

    Decided to add spectator cameras so I wouldn't have to just re-upload the last version after our little server mishap.
  2. A5 revisited

    Minor update; it just occurred to me that I once again forgot to add the pickups. Took the opportunity to throw in some (superfluous, at this point) optimization, un-smooth the 45-degree corners, and not pack the unused model skins.
  3. Like new!

    Okay, so starting again, the same way. S, more different S.

    The eponymous streets have been retrieved from an earlier alpha when they were still only one lane wide; everything else has been rebuilt from scratch.

    GONE are the crossroads and the sewers they led to; instead we have a simple two-lane road with two alleys leading out from spawn in opposite directions.

    Speaking of the spawn, here it is! Note the downward staircase at...
  4. Finally dusting this one off

    Still kind of stuck for what all ought to be improved in this map, but for now I've gone ahead and done something I'd been meaning to do for a while: I added an alley and an extra room between the spawn room and the stairs down to the intel, and made that alley the way out onto the street on the left. It's still not super well protected against spawncamping, and in particular I had to put a respawn visualizer right at the very entrance to the alley. I dunno. I feel like I'm starting to get...