2street Alpha 5 rev. B

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2street Alpha 5 rev. B

RED and BLU take to the streets in a briefcase race!

A novel take on Capture the Flag, set in an unspecified old-world city with tight, winding streets. No mid, just a street on each side leading to the enemy base and a lot of flanking routes.
First release
Last update
Capture The Flag

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Latest updates

  1. Minor update

    Decided to add spectator cameras so I wouldn't have to just re-upload the last version after our little server mishap.
  2. A5 revisited

    Minor update; it just occurred to me that I once again forgot to add the pickups. Took the opportunity to throw in some (superfluous, at this point) optimization, un-smooth the 45-degree corners, and not pack the unused model skins.
  3. Like new!

    Okay, so starting again, the same way. S, more different S. The eponymous streets have been retrieved from an earlier alpha when they were still only one lane wide; everything else has been rebuilt from scratch. GONE are the crossroads and...