ze_freezy v1c

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Jul 25, 2022
wo0 submitted a new resource:

ze_freezy_v1 - Zombie Escape Arctic Facility Map

Map by wo0 (STEAM_0:0:196821030)

Made for 2023 72 Hour Jam
Map is approximately 7-9 minutes long
Map does use some ZE plugins for chat messages (ze_map_say), map timers (ze_map_timer) and map items.

After the events that taken place in ze_breezy, the Magical Metal Box has evacuated its facility to a far away land...
Further North, a land filled with ice, it's our job yet again to stop this wacky-ass metal box thing because it's evil or something.
This isn't really a direct...

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Jul 25, 2022
wo0 updated ze_freezy with a new update entry:

Fixes and balancing again

I failed yet again!!!!
Fixed first TP for Zombies
Fixed Zombie item pick-up text
Fixed ze_map_boss_bar thing (hopefully)
Fixed some hitboxes for the Ice slides and spikes
Fixed 2nd song not packed into the map
Fixed Boss bar move timer not disabling after boss

First door lowered from 35 seconds to 30
First TP delayed by 5 seconds
Lowered speed of the first catapults in the catapult room before boss
Moved boss up a bit
Delayed Zombie TP after boss from 20 seconds to 25...

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