Yucca Mountain

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    A PLR map that I've been working on, perhaps for the contest. Included are a few full-bright screenshots (I'll do the lighting soon before I mirror stage 1).

    There will be no train tracks on this map; I've made a little forklift style thing that will function as the cart on stage 1. Stage 2/3 will have different carts, though all the carts will capture at approximately the same point for each team. To make the pathing clear, I'm going to add either overlays or geometry on the ground.

    Stage 1: Teams move a skid with a forklift, some sort of explosives will go on the skid. Capture area is in the dirty-bomb assembly area.

    Stage 2: Not sure what this cart will be, but capture point will be in the dirty-bomb assembly area.

    Stage 3: The cart itself will be an elevator, so it always moves up. Each team will try and move barrels of toxic waste from a basement area to near the dirty-bomb assembly area.

    Thanks for feedback!

    No skybox
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    I'm really interested in this forklift idea. I'm looking forward to playing it!