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    Hello there ,
    I’m glad to show you my new map : Cp_Woodstock.
    After a lot of times ( 2 months of work ), a lot of tests ( some beta testing for 6v6 ) I finally did it.
    In Cp_Woodstock you will find :
    - Night Environnement
    - New models and textures from the TF2MAPS.NET’s SWAMP PACK
    - A huge work on optimization
    - A map created for the competition but must be pretty good in FFA too
    - A lot of love
    It’s a 5 control points, as cp_granary or cp_badlands.
    In the first time you try the map, it’s normal if you find the map is too big. But when you play more than just one time or more than 5 minutes you will see it’s as easy as badlands. About the global luminosity, “what ? A map with a night environnement for the competition ? What the joke ??” ; I did a big job to make the map playable with a night skybox to make the game as clear as a classic map with a day skybox ; that’s why I did some beta testing with some players which are in some of the bests teams in France ( xFz, Clones ( origine ), Baguette … ) and are pretty involve in the European Competition. After some beta testing I did some change to the map to make it more playable.
    I’m sure some people will hate it and some others will maybe like it. The best way to make your opinion is to download it ! But please, play it more than once to like or dislike it, thanks !
    Here is the trailer ( thanks to Choun ) :

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1DpWBDpvI2Y&feature=player_profilepage"]YouTube - cp_woodstock by PaX[/ame]

    Thanks for reading :$
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    Looks good, however after my runthrough I found there were alot of 'Unplayable Darkness' area (Mainly the 3rd point and the paths to the 3rd point)

    Other wise, it looks great!
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    I can't test at the moment, but I must say I really like the look of it. Tell you more when I get home
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    Looks pretty nice! I like the style you've achieved here with the swamp theme (yay swamp theme!) and it looks like an interesting layout.

    Couple of concerns just going by the screens and the vid:
    1) Some risky lighting in the indoor section near the beginning of the flythrough - could be dangerously dark - but most of the outdoors looks to be lit fine (but moodily :D).

    2) In the first screen, is the area to the left (between the security fence and the lamp posts on the side of the muddy hill) playable map area?

    3) In the third screen, the grassy area on the left by the fence looks somewhat open/bare. Dunno if it'll be a real gameplay problem (map looks very playtest worthy - get this shizzle into a gameday!) but some props/detail grass/whatev would be nice there, considering how fairly fleshed out most everything else looks.

    Cool stuff!
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    might just be the srccenys but it does look slightly too dark but too me it looks like sawmill or a slightly official map which is good. Howver tracks going through the cp not the best idea


    What happens when you go in water

    Maybe some custom stuff for this map

    Will you release a koth version with the cap from 1:00 min in on video or an arena?
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    Hi , thanks for the reply !
    So i'm gonna answer all of your questions :
    About the " unplayable darkness" area , when we did tests some ppl thought it was a little too dark or "normal" but nobody said nothing about the fact that they cant play because its too dark :p All the more the first version of the map was entirely unplayable darkness :p

    Nop you cant go behind the fences at the cp 2 ( screen 1 ) .
    I have to agree with the space on the 3rd screen, lets say a demoman did some tests here and all the vegetables are down ? :p If i do another version i'll could place some grass or stuff u'r right !

    The only place where you are able to go in water is at the middle point ( screen 2 ) , when you are in the water u cant duck in it ,u cant hide and u cant "lame" with a hidden sentry ! But u can take a bath in it ^^

    If ppl think it is a good control points map maybe i could make an arena or a koth yes, why not, but not for the moment ^^
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    This is pretty awesome-looking.
  8. Tinker

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    Looks great, although I am disappointed in the lack of Hendrix :p
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    Thanks ! Some ppl say " where hendrix is ?! " ... Too bad, its a tf2 map not a garry's mod one :p
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    Some others / new feedbacks would be appreciated !
    Thanks ^^
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    LOOKS simply amazing, but no doubt this is much too large. I know maps seem big when you don't know them (I thought blands was the biggest map ever at first lol) but this is honestly just too big. If you could scale it down thats a start
  12. Lazy Eskimo

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    Are you continuing work on map? I really hope so.

    Attacking cp4 from mid looks too hard. Defenders can really use their height advantage. Unless you want a even more severe height disadvantage you gotta stay on wood walkways which will be easy to spam that limited area.

    In the building from 4th to final. At the top 2 exits you have skinny hallways leading up to the door. Not very fun to eating spam cause dodging is impossible.

    I don't think map is quite as big as kanks says. I think a few tweaks could most likely fix any size problems.
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    Idea about hendrix-when you go on this map scout=hippy demoman=jimmi hendrix. :p