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    So, yeah...

    This is Wonderlands! It's a going to be a Smissmas event map, because there really should be one. It's going to be a reskin of capture point Badlands. The first beta is currently in progress, and will hopefully be available soon. The general geometry will be similar, because I don't want to redo clipping.

    And while, yes, I know valve map modifications aren't tolerated well here, I really wanted something fun to come out of mapping, and I wanted to do this. I thought it seemed original. Besides, where else am I gonna post it?

    The story:
    It's the night before Smissmas, and all through RED's base, not a creature was stirring, except for the Spy and the Soldier as the spy was looking for important information, and the Soldier was sleep walking to the cookie jar. Again.
    By morning, they all used their Smissmas coal to power the neon generators, and prepared for whatever today's fight was. Spy informed them that they weren't producing weaponry fast enough to counter the balance, so, in order to speed up the process, he looked for a powerful factory to capture. The best he could find was Santa's workshop, what with elf slave labor and what-not. They trekked over to the north pole, in hopes to capture the workshop and turn all the toys for the innocent boys and girls into violent weapons. Then, of course their scanners picked up BLU team troops, already prepared to capture the workshop for themselves.
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    I like the idea, clever name too!
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    unique, can't wait to see it