[WIP] Unsymmetric arena map: arena_trainstation

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    Download a1 here: http://forums.tf2maps.net/showthread.php?t=5169

    So, after some time in progress, i can release a1 soon. The idea is to make a completely unsymmetric arena map, with advantages and disadvantages for both teams.
    Blue spawns in the tunnel that goes under the tracks, and have acces to all the platforms, and the "roof" that is over all the platforms and leads to the big house right nex to the cp.
    Red spawns a little away from the tracks, but they can get to the house next to the cp quicker than blue, and they also have access to the roof.
    The only medkit in the map is placed away from the cp, and right next to a tunnel. You cant see into, and a train comes out of the tunnel every 5-20 seconds.

    Below is an overview of the map.

    Blue and red angeled stripes are spawn areas.
    The other red and blue lines are underground paths (the stripes connected to them are stairs)
    The white/orange circle is the cp. (under the roof)
    Yellow areas are roof acceses
    Purple lines are playerclips. (where players arent supposed to cross)
    The grey lines are the layout of the indoor area
    And the green area is where the one and only medkit is.


    Overview from another angle (red spawn in the top left corner and blue spawn in the bottom right. The green house is the middle house):


    The layout of the middle point:


    The place with the medkit:


    Layout of the middle house:


    And maybe there's an easter egg
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