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    Progress: Alpha done; starting BETA

    Alright, being my first map period, I wanted to start off with a really simple concept and just see how well I can actually execute it while throwing in some personal extras along the way to spice things up.

    Concept: 5 control point map. A giant rectangle with a tower on one side and both respawn rooms on the other.

    Overview of Map showing the different levels of the tower on the right.

    The Tower: On the top of the tower is the middle CP. To reach the top, players will have to take a "func_door" elevator. It is activated by damage.


    I will most likely have to make many adjustments to the elevator. (ie touch instead of damage, damage to people in the elevators way, speed, ect.) Currently the button turns green when it has reached the top:


    Alright, as you can see textures are pretty much crap. This is because I have just finished alpha during which I couldn't care less about textures. Plan on the next screens and posts to be about all that nice visual stuff ; )

    Alpha: (Physical Mapping)
    + Respawn Rooms
    + Wall
    + Tower Outline
    + CP's
    + Elevator and Floors
    + Extra brush work to balance map​

    Beta: (Visual Mapping)
    + 2D Skybox
    - Respawn Rooms
    - Border
    - Wall and Extra Brushwork
    - Props and Models
    - 3D Skybox​

    Charlie: (Clean Up)
    - Adjust Elevator settings
    - Add proper lighting
    - Make use of negative space around tower
    - Extend respawn room to a second story
    - Optimize
    - And many more to come....​
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