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Discussion in 'Models' started by Kinky, Mar 12, 2009.

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    Ok so im new to mapping for TF2... but not to modelling/texturing. Being that i want to make jungle themed maps and they dont seem to really exist (dont steal lol) im going to start work on some environment themed (alpine, desert, jungle, tundra etc) props packs (trees, rocks, etc etc) to help everyone out with their prop woes...

    So ive noticed alot of people requesting this type of rock or that type of tree for their oddly styled maps so nows your chance to get it done... make suggestions for what you want to see and ill crack down my ideas into catagories that make sense...

    Sorry if your suggestion doesnt make it... they will be grouped by theme so if your suggestion doesnt fit or is too specialist then it might not make it.... but its worth a try right?

    Go nuts...
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    Dude, check my map WIP pl_jungle and cp_pirate_island(look at recent screenshots):



    And Shmitz, Buddikaman, MangyCarface map tc_meridian:


    Not wanting to stop you making a jungle themed map, but you're not the first one to make one. Also a prop pack would be very useful for those who don't model. I'll also release all the models and textures when I release my map.
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    Mysterious Amazon jungle-temple props would be good. Wet decay and mold instead of dry decay on statues and the like. Torch wall nooks for lighting and such