[WIP] ctf_patch

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Mar 28, 2008
I am naming this map after my friend Patch, for he is just gorrrgeous mmmm <3 patch.... yes....
This is a symmetrical CTF map. So far all I've made is most of the red base. The sewers/undergroundbase and the buildings leading to the centre (and the centre itself) aren't finished yet.

The area around the flag will be fairly open. There is a building with the spawnroom inside, and the flag is directly ontop of that building. I tried to avoid problems with camping by putting barriers around the doors, so that it takes a bit more time to actually get out of spawn and go up to the intell area. It is hard to cover the entire flag area with just one or two sentries, again to make it harder to camp.

An offensive team has several routes of attack: they can take the quick main route, this is a quick route but to get to the intell you will have to travel past the enemy spawn - there is the metal barrier between you and the spawn, but you'll still find it harder. There will also be a small sideroute through a vent here, where you can access a small ledge overlooking the intell by crawling through a vent, I haven't put this in yet though.

The other route is the underground base/sewer, which will be spytech themed. Most of it will be corridors, there will be a more open room with turbines to hide behind and higherledges for engineers (both defensive and offensive) to put up a sentry. Once you leave the sewer you come to a building with small windows for an offensive sniper to snipe through, and a vent that leads to another building near to the intell. Once you drop down this vent into the building the only way out is a one-way grate, similar to the one on Dustbowl Stage 1 Cap 2. Hopefully engis will find this a good place to setup forward teleporters and sentries, which will encourage them to get out of the base and help their team get near the intell.

I haven't come up with a layout for the centre of the map yet, I think I'll have an upward slope leading to a big white building (like the one in Hydro with the turbines, maybe) with a hole going down to the sewers. I'll sketch something out in Sketchup later.



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Feb 28, 2009
Not very much to tell just by scanning over the pics. also, you should get an overview of the whole map.