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    My brother and I have been building this map for the past few months. This is our first alpha stage public release. We would like to know how others think about it. Read below for more information.

    Map Environment:
    The original idea was to recreate Sector C from the original Half-Life. After some thought we realized this would be boring and the layout of sector C is not TF2 friendly. So we took the idea of Sector C and decided to make it Sector C from the 1960s. In other words Silo C, since Black Mesa used to be a ICBM base. The upper level or round 1 layout is similar to Sector C from HL but after that we built our own layout. Of course we had to add the ridiculous endless pit by the train tracks, beware to those who jump down into the abyss!




    Changes in Version 1.1

    Map Wide:
    --Removed various sprites, prop_physics, prop_dynamics and point_spotlights to decrease ingame entity count. Sadly a lot of physical props and breakable crates had to go. Ingame entity count now seems to max with one player at around 1600.
    --Intervals between rounds are now 60 seconds.
    --Blue Team objective has changed slightly. Now the location of the Control Room is stated.

    Round 1:
    --Rebuilt and widened the tunnel between Blue's train drop off area and the lobby.
    --Added a second doorway to the lobby from the train room for blue.
    --The vault door to the rock tunnel now opens and stays opened after Blue caps Data Link. This is to help show blue where to go next.
    --Blue team no longer needs to jump to go over the dump truck after the vent. Blue can now run over the truck.
    --Added two new signs, Data Link and Security Hub.
    --Turns out the light generating entity for the hanging lights in the blue trainroom were stuck inside the prop. Fixed. Lighting is now correct in this area.

    --Rebuilt the orange hallway. This hallway now exits at door #24, the last door before the stairway to the Security Hub. Only Blue can use this hallway since some Red players went down this hallway and got lost at the start of the map.
    --The main area ceiling no longer goes black when the player goes into the bathroom area.

    Data Link:
    --The strength of the breakable windows has been decreased.
    --Players no longer need to jump through the windows once they are broken. But to add some action stunts you still could.
    --Made the middle beam of the windows non-solid.
    --Players no longer get snagged on the computer props when jumping through the windows. This happened if a player jumped just right.

    Security Hub:
    --Added healthpacks on stairway.
    --Made the second level windows with a line of sight to the stairway unbreakable to stop massive spam fire by red.
    --Added ceiling signs over the Gate 2 doors to LQ and Fuel.
    --Within the SH, removed the support poles underneath the stairs next to the caged weapons. The stairway metal beams have been rebuilt and now fit together much better.

    Round 2:
    --Vault doors to the upperlevel 'candy cane' tunnels will now open for Red only. This is to stop blue from respawn camping Red and move battles towards the CPs.
    --Removed the rotating alarm light graphic activated after engineering is capped within the tunnels. Now the alarm is a constant red light.

    Living Quarters:
    --Entire area has been rebuilt. Playable area has been halved. Overall layout remains the same.
    --Travel time from the respawns to this area has been decreased.
    --Removed the mirrored second half of the top floor.
    --Removed the back area behind the CP on the first floor.
    --Moved the un-barricaded stairway closer to the middle.
    --Removed the open apartments.
    --Doubled the size of the CP capable area.

    --Engineers can no longer build devices on top of the fuel silos.
    --Increased intensities of the all spotlights. The spotlights that pointed to the sides of the fuel silos now point towards the top center.
    --Removed the fuel silo pit. Increased the lower floor area to fill in the gap.
    --Added a simple beam network on the top floor.

    Round 3:
    --Blue team has a new respawn location! Blue now spawns in the Silo Maintenance room, the room with the Pyro suits.
    --Removed the unused hallway. This was part of an older layout no longer in use.
    --Doors to the Round 2 ‘Candy Cane’ tunnels no longer open for players coming from Round 3. This is to stop lost players from venturing back into Round 2 getting further lost.
    --Added a bunch of blue arrow signs to make general paths to the control room more clear for blue.

    Silo Maintenance Room:
    --This room is now blue team’s respawn room for round 3.
    --Red can no longer enter this room.
    --Added a primitive structure for another idea, but we scrapped it. This structure remains just to add something to the room for now.
    --Removed some Pyro suits from the suit containers.
    --Removed the lowest floor.

    ICBM Silo:
    --Created a prototype beam network for going up between a few levels.
    --Increase intensity of all spotlights.
    --Added new caged red lights.

    Control Room:
    --Decreased strength of breakable glass.