why is there always a player clip ramp on perfectly climbable steps?

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by Bonafide, Apr 7, 2008.

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    I always see player clip ramps on climbable steps in valve maps. I have steps and I am wondering if its necessary. They can be climbed perfectly well. I also like the sensation (for lack of a better word) of climbing steps than if i was to put a player clip ramp on it. what are the pros and cons of doing this?
  2. drp

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    i think its to avoid the 'jittery' sensation. not sure tho :)
  3. Narkissus

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    Its done so you dont get the bouncyness of steps, also jumping on steps without them on there can mess up and sometimes throw you backwards or stop you, so a playerclip is done to get a smooth run up the stairs instead of one where you cant shoot and occasionally get stuck.
  4. YM

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    Its always better to have the playerclip than not, trust us on this one.
  5. trainRiderJ

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    For some steps that don't affect gameplay too much, you'll notice that Valve doesn't always put the player clips in. One I'm thinking of in particular is the steps leading out of the spawn rooms in Granary, before you actually leave the spawn "area". Since players always walk down those steps and they aren't in an actual combat zone, player clips were left out to maintain that "stepping" sensation.

    For steps that are part of the main area of the map, you'll almost always want to include player clips for exactly the reasons Narkissus stated above. Another reason would be that the hitboxes for a player model will have a lot of rapid, jittery movement on non-clipped stairs, which isn't fun for gameplay.