Which folders should I backup and save before doing a re-install?

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Feb 18, 2023
Hi lads,

My TF2 is freezing, crashing and generally doing some funky stuff, so I've decided that doing a fresh reinstall should (hopefully) fix it.
Before uninstalling however, I want to make sure to backup and save important folders from the game's directory, so I don't lose any custom textures or models I've downloaded from here, or any maps that I've made.

So far I'm going to save:
-Custom folder
-Materials folder
-Models folder
-mapsrc folder

Are there any other important folders that I'm missing? Just want to be on the safe side.


Repacking Evangelist
Jul 22, 2014
That should be all. Rather than downloading everything from scratch, delete everything but the VPKs and tf/maps. Then verify file cache in Steam. The bulk of the download is those files, but they are not writeable, so it doesn't make sense to delete them.

Don't add back your custom assets straight away. Play the game without them to see if your issue was resolved. Then add them back gradually.