What's our creative limit for mapping?

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    By this, I mean, what's stopping us from creating a map that requires a different play style entirely?

    I once had an idea for a map that required stealthy tactics. Rooms to hide in, and hopefully the use of exploiting player patterns. That being said, I decided to dismiss the idea because A : I thought players wouldn't take advantage of the stealth elements, B : Spies would be overpowered, and C : I feared players wouldn't have fun because they keep on getting killed from behind.

    But this raises the question: What's the point of creativity that we have to stop at?
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    For me it's when i insist in keeping everything perfect, which makes me rip-off good valve maps, because i suck at creating new ideas.
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    When the idea doesn't work in TF2.

    Doom and Halo style maps would play awfully in TF2, because of the unique mapping techniques and gameplay in the game.
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    Well, for this question, we're going to have to look at how video games handle player objectives. This falls into four broad categories:

    -Capturing an objective
    -Moving an objective
    -Defeating other players
    -Defeating bots/definite situations

    TF2 has players complete these objectives through different gametypes, mixing and matching aspects from the list. Truthfully, it is difficult to move away from these four pillars, due to problems ranging from complexity to 'mishmashiness.' Even custom gamemodes stay very attached to the systems that come with defining goals.

    When I think about the question you pose, I come to the conclusion that the reason why the TF2 community doesn't push for new ways of play is because the game is formatted to stay very close to 'basics,' just in unique ways. Personally, I feel that this has been a major benefactor in the success of the game. In conclusion, if we want to divulge from tradition, the gaming community as a whole is going to have to invent a "pseudo-pillar" of sorts, and grow support and functionality via rigorous playtesting and ingenuity. In the end, the result may not be a new TF2 gamemode, but an entirely original experience or standalone platform. I'm sorry I can't provide a miracle solution to it all, but this is a tricky situation that most likely get trickier as time goes on.
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    For TF2, the limit is how long enemies spend not fighting each other. If someone spawns and they aren't seeing action inside 15 seconds (roughly speaking), the game stagnates and classes can't support each other properly. It's also a problem if maps sprawl too much and players diffuse over too wide an area.

    Mappers thus have to spend a lot of effort funneling teams into each other, which makes a lot of the basic design of maps pretty generic. The talented mappers distinguish their work by designing fighting areas that offer unique fighting.