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    This is a CP map I had been working on that I never even came up with a name for. I plunked away at it for a while but never really got anywhere with it. It was supposed to be a 3-stage CP map that followed an alpine river inspired by some areas near my home, leading into a Redmond Mann estate which would be the setting of the final stage. I only finished the first stage, and started stage 2, but I recall it had been received well among some friends at the time so I'm dumping it here!

    Do with it as you please, but partial credit would be appreciated. Anyone can lay their grubby fingers on this thing. Sorry for lame screenshots--this is an oldie from 2011 I'm dusting off here, ehehe. I should note I do plan on pillaging this map for stuff here and there, such as the dam I blocked out, but nothing too huge.
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    I think that the cap time is too fast and that there is no signs.