What do you dislike about Hammer?

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by Earl, Apr 13, 2009.

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    Heh, completely forgot about this thread.

    Looks good so far, I almost thought you had given up on this at first. :p

    I agree with you on delicate, but I didn't find it too hard to learn, Hammer's mostly point, click,and drag. For me it was a bit intimidating at first (especially as I didn't have much prior experience with a 3D mapping or modeling program), but once I understood the basics, I picked it up quite quickly. The only hard part for me was figuring out lighting, not so much that it was difficult to understand, but mainly that I couldn't find any detailed resources on the light entity settings. I was stuck with mostly trial, error, and VMEX.

    What did help me get started was going through several video tutorials:
    There's a good list on the VDC
    Several others can also be found on filefront
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    Another mini-update: I have texture loading completely working:


    I've been working 6 day weeks for the past month so progress is slow...

    I also realize one thing I have failed to address: Models. Hopefully I will be able to at least display them in my editor, but models are a-whole-nother can of worms...
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    If there's one thing I hate about Hammer, it's that the clip tool doesn't let you define a clipping plane in 3D with 3 clipping points. It forces you to do it in 2D. Clipping off the corner of a cube is a major pain in the ass. This would be a rather trivial extension to the tool, so I hope to see it in this new editor eventually.

    I'd actually be pleased if I found out that I was wrong and the Hammer clipping tool actually can clip along an arbitrary 3D plane.
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    Great work so far!

    A few things I have in mind:
    • It would be nice to have an option to have the shaded polygon preview cast light on surfaces based on the light_environment value, so it looks more like it does in-game.
    • Multiple cordon bounds would be great, and maybe a small toolbar to enable/disable your cordon cubes.
    • Cubemap surface preview! If you can assign a color to a cubemap, I'd like an option to view all polygons in the color of the nearest cubemap. Useful to see which surface will be using what cubemap.
    • 3D and 2D skybox preview.

      That's all for now I believe!
      And don't forget to make the textures load their alpha channel ;)
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    you might want to put that [/list] on there :p
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    Check it out, displacements:


    Now I can start work on the actual UI. Very slow progress due to sparse free time.
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    Looking good, keep working. :)
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    It looks nice. (I'd offer to help with a frontend but the only UI I ever did for a 3D tool was in Java :/ )

    Just some features that I'd like to toss out (apologies if some have already been mentioned)... some of them might be possible in Hammer and I just haven't found out how yet.

    Big item:
    • Anything to aid in mirroring a map, when you want symmetric stuff. Some way to choose a center point (for rotational symmetry) or a center line (for reflective symmetry.) Perhaps overlay the other half of the map at 50% transparency? This kind of feature seems particularly possible for an external tool, if you can frequently use it to generate a "reversed copy" visgroup.

    Lesser items:
    • Vertex editing: Shrinking and moving a group of vertices. For instance, I have a larger octagonal pipe and a smaller octagonal pipe, and I want to have one narrow and merge into the other. If I slice off a bit of the larger one, can I transform the vertices on one half so that they all get closer to the center, creating a narrowing section?
    • Saved presets for the cordon tool. Many times in 2D view I click trying to drag the selection area and I end up accidentally starting to draw a new, smaller rectangle.... and control-Z doesn't get my old selection back.
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    can you remove this bug?:

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    I hate the fact that you cant manipulate brushes in the 3D view. Im used to doing it in UT engine :( I also dont like the system of vertex manipulation as it is, and they should remove the clip tool :D
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    Press x you nublet!! :p

    now you can manipulate stuff in the 3D view. :thumbup1:
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    It's a bit crappy though because you can't control which axis you want to move objects along unlike pretty much every 3D program I've ever known that has an XYZ gizmo. :\
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    I really hate the displacement modeling in Hammer - I want to freely grab a vert in the viewport and move into place rather than the forward/backward in one plane at a time. It should be more like a modeling package (max, maya, etc.)