CP Waterworks b1.0

Rock. Drought. Scissors.

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    [CP] Waterworks - The map hasn't been completed yet. Let me know more about my mistakes.

    Hi, everybody. This is my first map, and I hope it doesn't look so bad and shabby pretty much. :psyduck: I wait with bated breath for constructive criticism. The map consists of one stage and three CP.

    As I receive criticism, I will try to improve the map and make it more "playable". Over time, I will add props and some details of the environment so that the walls and floors do not seem deserted.

    So, maybe someone wants to hear the idea of the map? I hope so, because I will tell you about it anyway. The blue team must break through all the red cordon to capture the life-giving water supplies. End. (i need help with story btw)

    Is that all? Similar to that.

    (If someone also has ideas about the history of the map, I will be happy to listen it. :chord:)
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