KotH Warehouse

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    "Hi. This is my first "real" map. (You know, serious design, cubemaps and such)

    I don't have a backstory set for this map but it's under Alpha stage. So I want to get some feedback and how this works on servers and low-end plus medium-end computers. Because I'm using a high-end computer.

    I would approiate some polite and detailed feedback for my map. I don't quite have a long todo-list. But I put this on gamebanana. But not so much attention as I execpted. Well atleast I got a feedback about the water near the controlpoint.

    Current todo-list to better the quality of the map, as of Alpha 1:

    • Add more details
      Try to reach the goals for responding and using the feedbacks
      Fix a model for the barriers found at the harbours. As soon I know how to use Blender and the Decompilers.
      Build a Nav containing hints for sentries and sniping spots.
    And the todo for the final version:

    • HDR
      Polish the Map
      Reduce the file size how much as possible

    This contains custom contents from these following:

    • The Construction Pack
      The Bulletcorps Pack

    -Descritption from the original entry.

    Numbers of portals according to compile log.
    468 portalclusters
    1104 numportals
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  2. LeSwordfish

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    It looks very big and open and flat. Snipers will probably dominate, and classes that rely on flanking such as pyros, spies, and scouts will be at a disadvantage.
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    It looks more like a cs map than a tf map. Huge sightlines and a huge flat areas make some classes absolutely worthless. You have to add a lot of cover there, and just spamming props everywhere aint really the answer.
  4. Nakedape

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    Actually this is a pretty good start for a first serious map. It's got some interesting mechanics that could be reused down the road.
    Now some feedback. When you plan your map try to keep in mind each classes general strengths.
    Being able to get on the roof of anything is a huge advantage and not to be given lightly.
    Also, invisible walls are annoying and generally not a really good idea aesthetically.

    Good first map. Keep at it.
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  5. phi

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    I'd suggest changing the name since there are tons of other maps using the name.
    It looks like a decent start, though, a little flat but you should be able to add some height variation to it in no time.
  6. Arne

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    Thanks for the feedbacks!

    Have worked on almost all of the half of the day on A2 (or will be promoted to B1 if the map passed the server preformence-test with good results + changes for A2 or newer.)


    Name suggestions:
    • warekrieg
    • warebiltz
    • baykrieg
    • bayhouse
    Now vote and show us your suggestions too!
    I choose....

    Here's a list:

    • Added covers, both props and brushes. [Feedback Answer]
    • Added a flanking way to the control point. It's big but however got a big block inside it, blocking the sniper's sight and line of fire. [Feedback Answer]
    • Updated the 3D skybox
    • Fixed the water
    • Improved visiual optimization
    Changes as of the progress.
    • Moved the invisible wall to a better place and removed the 'no-entry' signs
    • Modified the skybox behind the big building near the point, added a areaportal in progress
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  7. Pocket

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    Those name suggestions remind me of the automated suggestions you get on top-level domain providers when the one you searched for isn't available.

    "Whitehouse.com is unavailable. Would you like to buy housewhite.com?"
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  8. Vultraz

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    Evolution of a Name
  9. sitebender

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    Might want to call this Dockside.

    Anyway, this feels good to play. Some people might get lost in the exploration aspect of how wide this map is. Its a realistic feel even if some areas like outside the spawn rooms are a bit too empty and broad. There is a lot of good detail here. Very nice city. Enjoyable to look at.

    All of the classes feel useful. I think the map could benefit from an overlook to the point. Demos and soldiers can spam from there, spies can kill them and pyros can kill the spies :)

    A lot of areas felt too dark for their own good. Like the water and even walls outside of the spawn room.

    It also seemed like spies and snipers could easily kill anyone in the big open area without any kind of retaliation. Perhaps more random cover. Boxes, trucks, a slope upward that the team needs to run up. It is easy for spies to get away with their crimes.

    While I do feel this is a good map with a few flaws. I just didn't find it as enjoyable as it looks.
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  10. sitebender

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    This was worth another play (and a bump). I gave it another play with the bots. The bots seem to get stuck trying to go through the cracks between the pillars and boxes near the caps. make the gap between it larger or take away the cap in general.

    Spies can have a field day with this map due to how open it is and dark the corners are. Raising the street the warehouse is in would be beneficial to prevent extremely long range snipers from picking everyone off.

    There should be health / ammo outside of the point area. Outside the open door areas to the side I mean. Otherwise it would make it too easy for offense snipers to kill.

    I'm not sure the quick garage doors help the offense team. They can quick open the doors into an easy demo trap, but I guess that a demo can trap a wall.