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    If you've authored a finished, released map, especially one that's gone through the playtesting days here at TF2maps.net, I'd like to invite TF2-map makers here for an interview about their work on future episodes of The Modcast (our most recent episode featured Immortal-D and can be found here: Link

    It's a newer podcast, and it consists of students in college for game-design/art related practices. One of our favorite avenues for game design learning has been through modding/custom content (especially in the Source Engine). We talk about larger issues in game design, and are starting to integrate more project-specific/peer review talk as well.

    We're looking for new ways to contribute to communities like these, and talk with other authors about their designs/process from sketches, to beta-testing, to the finished thing. If you feel you can articulate your thoughts on your map well, think your map has garnered attention or brings something unique to the table, you might find this a cool opportunity.

    So, if you're interested, here's what I'm looking for:
    -Tell us who you are! (TF2maps Username)
    -Pick a map of yours (if you've done multiples)
    -Send a link to it's page here, and any information you think might make for an interesting conversation about it/is relevant.
    -You can either post the details here, or E-mail it to me: akuhar@student.cia.edu

    I'm really looking forward to see what we can do with this. We may not be a TF2maps.net Podcast, but we really appreciate what goes on here. Thanks!
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