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    Hi, I'm Kig. I've decided to start a project to make a cp/pl map. Both modes combines into one, the only problem is, I've never used to Source SDK before. As of today I am teaching myself the basics of the SDK and I am starting my map. I'd like some feedback from the community so that I can eventually reach my goal.

    To understand how the map is going to work, please read the textwall below. :O

    This drawing is a concept of the most basic way to map this new game mode so you can understand what I mean.

    The symmetrical map is split up into a spawn room, control point A, control point B, and then the Payload Race in the middle.
    The spawn leads into the other points or directly to a 'battlements' over the payload race area. The battlements have two entry points, and the ground floor of the mid fight has two entry points, so in total both teams have 4 gates to move towards mid with.

    The mid fight has a payload that can be influenced by either team, the payload is moved on its tracks by which ever team can hold on and push it to the end of the tracks, once the PL reaches the last few feet of the track, it opens the gates to the enemy's control points. These gate have the same properties of the gates in a map like Dustbowl, they are one way accessible by the defending team, but can be held open for either team.
    When the PL reaches the end the gates are now open until the opposing team can move the cart back. The attacking team will push into the enemy base through the gates moving to capture B, then towards A. Once both are under control one team wins. This would require a great amount of teamwork for the attackers and defenders which is something that needs to be encouraged, or in this case, vital to success. The attackers must defend their PL, while also trying to capture A & B, the defenders must put up a fight at A, B, and the PL to close their gates and regroup.

    Once a control point is captured by the enemy team it cannot be over turned and put back into the defenders hands, they are not locked off from the point, but they just don't own it anymore, making it easy for the enemy team to capture A and finish the game. This game mode requires all classes to be implemented carefully because too much of one will make it impossible to capture or push.

    The only doubts I have about this game mode are the play testing aspects, I'm not proficient enough (yet) to make and test this game mode, but by doing that I could surely iron-out the problems that I might encounter. I'm pitching the idea because I'd like to see a combination of these game modes to inspire a different type of fighting. It may not work in a 6v6 competitive format, which is a drawback because I love the occasional pickup game, but the way it works now, it would be a very fun mode for a 24 slot server because it would have a job for everyone.

    I will add a link to a YouTube video as I progress, later I will link the video about 2 hours into the project.
    Day One: [nomedia="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T6IzcThiey0"]YouTube- CP/PL Void[/nomedia]
    That's the rough idea of the map without the battlements, I think it might be a teeny bit big, but I think because it is empty it just feels more huge.
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    i know one person who will LOVE this map.
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    The main problem with this will be (i think) the hud, as you cant combine two hud types (cp and pl), nor can you change the hud ingame.

    Besides that, the concept sounds really interesting, although players might need some time to understand it.
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    I don't know about the 'last few feet.' The way it sounds it's going to be a massive tug-of-war for the payload cart, so for any team to get it to the last few feet would be remarkable, let alone having to capture two points after that. Also, looking at the drawing provided, it seems the middle will be open, so anyone going for the cart will probably be destroyed unless they have a considerable amount of backup or cover.
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    That's a good point I have no clue how to get around that. D:
    Maybe Valve will pick it up and make it official :D

    I know what you're thinking, and I've thought of that too but, that comes down to play testing. I mean my drawing is open, but that doesn't mean I won't add cover and what not once I've had a chance to balance it out.