VisGroups/Hidden Objects Problem

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    Hey everyone,

    I'm pretty new to Hammer and was experimenting with VisGroups and hidden objects so I could work on a spawnroom without the background noise of the rest of the map. Except now I can't figure out how to make the rest of the room come back.

    I selected two objects that I was trying to align, and then clicked "Hide Unselected Objects" on the top bar and did what I needed to do. But now "Restore Hidden" is greyed out and I'm not sure how to go about getting the rest of my map to show again. Ctrl+Z doesn't do the trick, unfortunately, and neither does restarting Hammer (as I'm sure it shouldn't).

    How do I go about getting the rest of my map to show up again? Thanks so much - sorry if this is obnoxiously basic.


    EDIT: Ah! I figured it out after enough time messing around. In case anyone else finds this by searching, what I did was double-click on a texture that I could see, clicked on Edit Groups near the bottom left, and then Deleted the VisGroups that weren't under Auto. I'm sure there's a more efficient way to get to this window (because what if I accidentally put EVERYTHING in a VisGroup?), but if you can get to it that way, that should work.
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    You could try using the actual visgroup list to toggle which ones you want visible.