CTF Victory Mountain

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    It's a ctf map, it's in a volcano, it has lava. What more do you need to know? I finally finished enough detail to post it. Still very much in beta. It's a lot of fun as far as I know.

    I posted an early version of this map under the name lava pit when it was still in
    alpha. I decided to make this a new thread to avoid confusion.
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    The area seen in the 4th screenshot, and the middle area to a lesser extent, are filled with quite too many props ("prop spam"). If you're trying to break up sightlines or make an area more interesting, you should probably be doing it with walls and more interesting level geometry, instead of simply throwing a mass of props into the room, which creates an unnecessary amount of detail and visual clutter.
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    Could we maybe get an overhead shot to see what the layout is like? It also looks like you've successfully spanned 3 different themes in props in that last screen, try to stick to one theme and use more geometry to break sightlines, not propspam. And by the way, that lava texture is horrendous.