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    On the site, in the top corner there is a dropdown menu labelled with your name and a downwards arrow with contents of things about your account.

    One of these is 'Thanks recieved' which shows you all the people who have given you thanks, in which thread, which post and when.

    Another is 'Ratings recieved' It shows all the ratings you have recieved, not just the thanks. It shows who has given you them, which thread, which post and when. It shows all ratings including thanks, and does the exact same thing as the thanks only one. Therefore the thanks only one is obsolete and should probably be removed.

    There is one thing that it could hold over the all positive ratings, in that it only shows thanks - so it acts as a kind of filter for thanks and not any other of the newer ratings. But if that is a selling point then a filter should just be introduced in the Ratings recieved tab with the Thanks recieved being removed, so you can filter any rating.
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    They just forgot to remove it? Well, I'd also like to sort the ratings by only allowing specific ones in that list, like looking who and when liked your posts or considered them funny.