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    This is a list I've been putting together of all the helpful console commands I've found for testing out maps. A lot of these I've found either here in the forums or over on the Steam user forums, others on my own through experimenting.

    Anyways, here's what I have so far:

    For Reference

    command_name minumum_value - maximum_value

    sv_cheats 0 - 1
    1 enables. Turns on cheat mode, necessary for running most of the console commands below.

    noclip 0 - 1
    1 enables. Disables player clipping allowing you to walk through walls and not be affected by gravity.

    map mapname
    Reboots the server and loads the selected map.

    changelevel mapname
    Change to the selected map without rebooting the server.

    mp_waitingforplayers_cancel 0 - 1
    1 enables. Turns off the "Waiting for players" time when you load up a new map.

    mp_disable_respawn_times 0 - 1
    1 enables. Enable instant respawn (no respawn times).

    Renders all trigger boxes in the map using the tools trigger texture.

    mat_texture_list 0 - 1
    1 enables. Generates a table of all the textures currently being displayed on the screen.

    vcollide_wireframe 0 - 1
    1 enables. Renders the collision boxes for models in a blue wireframe.

    buddha 0 - 1
    1 enables. Turns on buddha (god) mode. your can still take damage, but won't die. hp will stop going down once it reaches 1. Also, once your health reaches one can no longer perform a sticky/rocket jump until your health is replenished.

    cl_drawhud 0 - 1
    0 hides. Hide/Unhide the HUD display (ammo, health, etc.).

    cl_leveloverview 0 - 1
    1 enables. Shows an ariel overview of the whole map.

    cl_showpos 0 - 1
    1 enables. Reports your current world position in hammer units, angle of your vision, as well as your current velocity in hammer units/second in the upper right corner of the screen.

    mp_simulatemultiplecappers 0 - 15
    Change the capping number that shows up when you stand on the point.
    eg: "mp_simulatemultiplecappers 1" is the default, "2" would show 2x (same as scout), 3 for 3x, etc. If you playing as the Scout, the value is doubled (eg: "mp_simulatemultiplecappers 2" would show 4x).

    mp_tournament 0 - 1
    1 enables. Turns on tournament mode which removes team auto-balancing and disables the map round timer.

    give item_ammopack_full
    Simulates walking over a large ammo pack. Refills your ammo supply to 100%.

    give item_healthkit_full
    Simulates walking over a large healthkit. Refill your players health to 100%.

    Reports the name of the texture under your targeting reticule and how far away it is from your current location.

    mat_wireframe 0 - 1
    1 enables. Shows a wire-frame outline of all object currently being rendered on screen. Red for brushes. Blue for models. Yellow for ? (Dunno)

    mat_leafvis 0 - 1
    1 enables. Shows a red outline of the visi leaf you're in.

    mat_fullbright 0 - 2
    0 - Disables
    1 - Fully bright.
    2 - Removes textures leaving just lighting and normal/bump maps.

    showbudget 0 - 1
    1 enables. Turns on the texture budget panel.

    maps *
    Lists all the maps currently available on the server.

    mp_restartround 1 - 60
    Restarts the current round in the specified amount of seconds.

    net_graph 0 - 3
    0 Disables.
    1 Shows the network usage graph.
    2 Draws data on payload.
    3 Draws payload legend.

    cl_entityreport 0 - 3
    1 enables. Displays a list of all the entities currently being rendered clientside.

    Lists all entities used in the map.

    Shows the location of all the spawn points in the map and the direction they're facing for a time period of 60 seconds.
    (Dunno how to disable this short of rebooting the server or waiting 60 seconds)

    r_drawentities 0 - 3
    1 Enables. Changing the value to 0 hides all models and brushes tied to entities (other then func_detail) from view.

    Show the current FPS in green which can be seen in the upper right corner of the screen.

    hurtme damageamount
    Removes the specified amount from your health, negative numbers add the specified amount to your health. (Not sure what the min and max values are for this)

    I'm planning on adding to this list as I go along. I've been using a few of these through a mapping configure file, mapping.cfg I have set to load up when I hit my kp_insert key. (thanks to Youme for most of this script)

    alias distancealias "developer 1; surfaceprop; wait 750; developer 0"
    bind "p" "distancealias"
    bind "KP_SLASH" "sv_cheats 1"
    bind "KP_MULTIPLY" "mp_waitingforplayers_cancel 1; ent_fire tf_gamerules addredteamrespawnwavetime -20; ent_fire tf_gamerules addblueteamrespawnwavetime -20; mp_teams_unbalance_limit 16"
    bind "KP_MINUS" "noclip"
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    I believe, that for buddha mode once you reach minimum hp you can no longer demo/rocket jump due to not being able to take further damage. however I may have a faulty memory on this one since I've not used buddha mode for a fair few months.

    good list though :D

    you might want to include mat_fullbright 0, 1 and 2 (where 0 is normal lighting, 1 is fully bright and 2 is no textures, just lighting and bump/normal maps)
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    Just checked, your memory serves correct. I added a note.


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    perfui - has a very useful tool for visually checking areaportals particularly with mat_leafvis 1 you can see how your hints are helping /not helping alongside areaportals.

    mp_respawnwavetime 0-10 - for making it instant respawn- useful if you only have a few players testing and you want them straight back into the action when they die

    mp_timelimit can be used to test end game conditions on the fly - i.e setting it 1 min in game is a quick way to see what happens on a ctf map -e,g in my case when i forgot to add the tf_gamerules to a logic auto :D

    record demoname
    stop - to stop recording
    demoui - for playback and a host of other cool features
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    I'm not sure if "hurtme" has a limit; I've given myself millions of negative damage and it seems to work. If you use it to give yourself more health than your maximum, it will act like you're overhealed and your health will slowly decrease until it reaches its normal amount.

    Here's some commands that I like:

    help <command>
    Display info about a console command.

    find <text>
    Search for commands with the specified string in their name or help text.

    ent_fire <target> [action] [value] [delay]
    Send an entity an input.

    ent_info <classname>
    List all of the inputs that a class can receive.

    ent_messages_draw <0 - 1>
    Visualizes all entity input/output activity.

    Reloads all materials.

    mat_reloadmaterial <materialname>
    Reloads a single material. Can be used to make texture changes while running the map.

    mat_specular <0 - 1>
    Turns reflections on or off. Will also reload all materials.

    r_drawviewmodel <0 - 1>
    Turns your display of your playermodel on or off.

    crosshair <0 - 1>
    Hide/Unhide the crosshair.

    Turning off cl_drawhud, r_drawviewmodel, and crosshair will hide all screen elements and is useful for taking screenshots.

    bot -team <teamname/number> -class <classname> -name <botname>
    Create a bot. See this for more info.
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    This should go to the tutorial/tips forum. Great info btw
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    Just incase anyone was wondering, This and This are what mat_fullbright 2 looks like
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    And lets not forget the most important command when it comes to making a map that doesn't look like crap:
    buildcubemaps You should set mat_specular to 0 before running this or the pink grid might get captured in the cubemaps.

    There is also tf_bot_add for some intelligent bots (run nav_generate before or else they are worse than the dummy bots).