Upward Slopes

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    So my first map (5-CP) is finally approaching the alpha stage, but I'm having doubts about a certain aspect of it.

    Each team's final CP is in a small enclosed base at the top of a hill. Two tunnels leading into the hill provide alternate routes into the base.


    Obviously far from the final version, just complex enough to create some unclimbable portions and the tunnel entrances.

    Anyway, does something like this work, or is there too much of a height advntage for defending soldiers, etc? What about the tunnels; could they offset that to a degree?

    My other concern about the map is that it's too small, but that's an issue for when I'm actually ready to post the whole thing (hopefully sometime in the next week).
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    that rock isn't a tf2 texture
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    You should probably be less concerned about the height difference than the lack of cover overall: here a good sniper would completely dominate, on defence or offence. Just don't force players to run through the open like that.

    And fix your hl2 textures.