ULTIDUO ultiduo_gator _rc5

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Jan 5, 2016
ultiduo_gator - Swamp-themed ultiduo map.

This is my second map, and I'd like some feedback. I plan on doing some minor cosmetic changes soon, but while I'm away for a week perhaps some feedback could gather up.
Thanks in advanced.


Jan 7, 2015
It would improve the look of the map a bit if you made the ground a displacement, so you could have minor hills and dips, maybe even filled with shallow puddles to go along with the swamp theme. That would also let you paint another texture onto the ground such as mud/dark dirt.

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Cool Idiot
Jul 15, 2016
Rc already?
You might want to start with alpha. Just so people won't think you can't map when you test. Rc is release candidate.