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    Many PL maps ends in a big explosion destroying everyone and everything anywhere near it. Ofcourse I want that in my coming map too ;) so I checked both goldrush and badwater vmf to find out how to. However this was much more complicated than I thought and I can't differ the exploding parts from the statics :blushing: so I thought I would ask for help here :D

    In the tutorial I'd like to see which models are available for exploding, ofcourse how to make the explosion itself and how to trigger everything correctly.

    Thanks in advance!


    P.S. Great community you have here :woot:
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    I'm pretty sure that is just an Particle Effect with a premade Model.
    You should go and look for some basic Tutorials on the Particle Editor...

    Maybe I can make one on how to achieve a Explosion like this in the Particle Editor.
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    I'm going to do a single stage PL tutorial on the dev wiki at some point, with information on the end explosion, but it might be a while...

    I'd suggest looking at decompiled badwater, there's not much to the explosion, OnPass triggers a relay that sets off the explosion particle effect, an ambient_generic, and an env_shake