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[TUTORIAL] Complete Modeling Tutorial for Blender

Discussion in 'Tutorials & Resources' started by HellJumper, Jul 17, 2010.

  1. HellJumper

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    Complete Modeling Tutorial

    I've gotten a couple questions concerning modeling, and frankly I haven't really been able to link anyone to a good resource that includes everything from start to finish. Yes, there are really good tutorials for modeling, texturing, and the lot, but many of those are only for specific topics, and many don't deal with the source engine.

    So I decided to make a nice sized tutorial on how to model for TF2 (and the source engine for that matter). It is pretty basic, and I will probably add more parts that deal with more complicated topics (like alpha channeling, specular mapping, bump mapping, more complicated models, etc), but for now I have a 4 part series that gives any new user a good start. Even if you are completely new at modeling, you should at least get the basics down after watching these.

    Enough chit chat: (you might need to turn up the volume for parts 1-3)

    Part 1: Introduction and Extremely helpful resources (don't skip!)
    • Talks about modeling
    • Links to helpful resources
    • Links to programs needed

    Q: Does Blender NEED python to run?
    A: No, it can still run without it, but (I think) you won't be able to complete this tutorial without it. I recommend downloading version 2.6 here. And if you need help installing it:

    Q: GUIStudioMDL and MDLdecompiler won't work!
    A: You have to put those programs in your C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\USERNAME\sourcesdk\bin\ep1\bin folder in order to work.

    Part 2a: Modeling
    Part 2b: Modeling
    • Simple modeling tips
    • UV unwrapping
    • Ambient Occlusion and Baking
    • Exporting the UV face layout and AO image

    Q: If my model has more than 1 object, how do I UV unwrap it?
    A: First unwrap each individual object, then when you are ready, select all of your objects and press ctrl+j to combine them. Select your new object and go into edit mode, you should see each UV you made. Drag those to their desired locations, and then when none of them overlap, bake the file and continue on with exporting the ambient occlusion.

    Part 3a: Texturing
    Part 3b: Texturing
    • Basic texturing
    • Multiple skins
    • How to apply them and preview in Blender
    • Exporting the reference mesh and physics mesh as .smd files


    Part 4a: Compiling and Finalizing

    Part 4b: Compiling and Finalizing
    • Decompiling an .mdl file
    • Extracting a .vmt and .vtf file from the TF2 GCF
    • Scaling and correctly orienting the model
    • Generating the .qc file and .smd files
    • Making the physics model and idle animation
    • Compiling to an .mdl format (replacing the Ghastly Gibus to see it in game)

    Q: How did you view your model in game?
    A: If you did exactly what was shown in the tutorial, just open TF2, and then select the Ghastly Gibus. If you are playing in a server that has sv_pure 1 or sv_pure 2 enabled, it won't show up.

    Frequently asked questions for each chapter will be listed under each category in orange. All the videos have an HD feature of "original". Better than 1080p.
    There will most likely be more video tutorials as I said that cover more complicated topics, but for now... practice practice practice!
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  2. Tehrasha

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    Should be noted that the the current SMD import scripts for Blender do not import animation rigs properly. Bones will be rotated and misaligned, but it will not be apparent until you have exported it back to SMD and compiled.

    Animation rigs built from scratch work fine. So if you wish to play with ragdolls, you will have to scrap the imported bones and make your own rig.

    The script authors know about the issue, and do not plan to fix it. Instead they are waiting for the 2.5beta release for a rewrite of their plugins.
  3. Mick-a-nator

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    Don't mean to shamelessly plug, but my tutorial covers some of the particularities of using Blender for TF2 modelling.
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  4. HellJumper

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    Interesting. Thanks for showing me that. Although mine are video tutorials, so it will help the users who don't like text-based tutorials.
  5. n30n

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    Nice tutorials thanks! However I have some minor issue... My sweet model shows up without texture in model viewer. Heres my QC,vmt and paths:
    Any ideas?

    E: NVM figured it out... you need to aply material to model named same as vmt.
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