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    This is a PL map with real train that you can ride on, consisting of 3 parts.
    BLU must use the said train to infiltrate the RED's base. RED must defend their base from the BLU's train.

    Due to the complexity of this map's goal, there are some differences from a normal pl_ map.
    Since the train consists of 3 parts, to "block" the train, a RED player needs to stand in the same part of the train as where the BLU player stands. If there are any BLU players in other parts of the train, it will still move.

    Also, the train HUD is glitchy and may sometimes give wrong info. This is because of engine errors (more precisely, due to a broken team_train_watcher)

    The map itself is pretty big, consisting mostly of large outside areas, except for the team spawn rooms. The track consists of 3 control points, including the final one.
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    Sounds very challenging to get the game play dynamic enough, since in my head I see combat moving from the field around the track to on the train, which could get boring quickly. Aside from that, you've got numerous HL2 assets in use (textures & models). I'd suggest using "tf" in your texture browser filter to eliminate the HL2 ones. Also play area looks very flat.

    Good luck.