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    As in need help with a Train issue.

    OK I've spent all day playing with this and have solved most of my problems through searching the forums, looking at CP_Well and trial and error.

    Some of you may have seen my recent thread about the mining cart. I'm running it as a train so I'll just refer to it as a train for simplicity sake.

    Here's the deal. I've been able to get it to render, kill on contact and travel at the speed I want. I have it running on a 7 section path_track. It starts on #1 and ends on #7 which is the end of the loop, meaning #7 is right on top of #1.

    I'm running a logic_relay and logic_timer to control the train as I want it to run randomly like the one in Well.

    My issue is I can't get the train to stop running. I had to put the "first stop" setting on #7 to #1 or else the train would go to #7 and stop. It would then glitch out as the timer tried to make it run again. What I mean by this is that the train would get stuck at the #7 & #1 position and you can hear the sound cycling in an endless loop.

    Here's some details,

    Name: Cart1_relay
    Start Disabled: No

    My Output: OnTrigger
    Target Entity: Cart_1_clip (func_tracktrain for Cart_1)
    Target Input: SetSpeed
    Parameter: 1024
    Delay: 0.02
    Only Once: No

    Source: Cart1_timer
    Output: OnTimer
    My Input: Trigger
    Delay: 0.00
    Only Once: No
    No Flags checked.

    Name: Cart1_timer
    Start Disabled: No
    Use Random Time: Yes
    Minimum Random Interval: 5
    Max Random Interval: 30

    My Output: OnTimer
    Target Entitiy: Cart1_relay
    Target Input: Trigger
    Delay 0.00
    Only Once: No

    No Inputs or Flags.

    Name: Cart_1_clip
    First Stop Target: Track_2
    Max Speed: 1024
    Initial Speed: 0
    Change Velocity Instantaneously

    No Outputs

    Source: Cart1_relay
    Output: OnTrigger
    My Input: SetSpeed
    Parameters: 1024
    Delay: 0.02
    Once: No

    No Pitch
    Fixed Orientation
    Use Max Speed for pitch shift and moving sound

    Not sure if you need more information or if I just spammed the forum with a bunch of useless text:facepalm:

    I think I'm missing something really simple here but I can't find that last piece. If anybody can help me or point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.
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    [ame=""][Tutorial] The Train -[/ame]
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    Thanks Gamer,

    I saw that tut earlier. I neglected to read all the replies though. I went in and tried what was suggested in the last post but I can't get my "train" to teleport at all. It hits the last stop and then just stays there. I thought maybe it was because my last stop was right on top of the first one so I went and broke the chain and tried it from my #5 path. I checked the "teleport to THIS path track" on the #1 path but to no avail. My cart goes to the end of the line and just sits there.

    Any other suggestions would be great. I'm going to keep digging on it. Thanks again.