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    Trade Minecraft Toxic Bunny - A Simple Remake, Deviation, and Continuation of a Trade Server Map from a Near-Forgotten Time.

    This Map Includes...

    + An EXPERIMENTAL "Remake, Deviation and Continuation" of an Oldie.

    + A Unique* Minecraft Map "Experience". With inspiration from maps like, Minecraft_Neon and Minecraft_Realms!

    + A Disco, An Aether, An End, A Bar.**

    + Usually Anything your Typical Minecraft Map would contain.***

    + A, Again. EXPERIMENTAL Map, Paving the Way for things to Come.

    * Disclaimer - Not, very... Unique... Sorry.
    ** Disclaimer - General things that you'd usually see in Neon and Realms.
    *** Disclaimer - Basically sums it up.


    Neonheights (Steam) and Phytorotama! (Gamebanana) For Minecraft Realms and Neon.

    CGMentos on Gamebanana For their Minecraft Night Skybox
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.