Trade Box [Beta]

TRADE Trade Box [Beta] v.2Beta

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L3: Member
Jul 21, 2016
Trade Box v.1 [Beta] - Trade Map

Fully original map created by me.
If you use the map on for the server or edit the map, please credit author of original map!

On this map there are:
-Trade rooms
-Spycrab area
-AFK rooms (for RED and BLU teams)
-Boxing arena x3
-Combat zone (first floor)

Also you can download map on:
-Steam Workshop


L3: Member
Jul 21, 2016
What's new on Beta 2:
-Map name changed: "trade_box_sanek_version_2_beta"
-Added Pool and spelled rooms
-Added new animated Train
-Added new Props and Background Props

-Added optimization for older comptures

-Fixed lightings on first and third floor
-Fixed little bugs

Special thanks to "maestro_" for poster and pictures textures!

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