Tracktrain with multiple carriages

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    Hello everyone.

    So this is me having a frantic moment in the evening after the computers are off and worrying that I'll never get any sleep unless I find a solution to this problem.

    I'm planning to have a func_tracktrain that runs on a track circuit in my duel map. If the player is agile enough they can hop on and take a trip to the enemy base, while if not, they get a face-full of floor and trigger_hurt.

    However, I'm struggling to think of a way to get the train working with multiple carriages. Simply parenting would mean that the extra carriages would swing out on a corner like a bizzare pole of train; phys constraints would mean that the carriages would be "dragged" and so not follow the rails, and I also know that a lot of phys constraints in multiplayer is never a good idea.

    Does anyone have any sort of idea as to how I could accomplish this? The only other way I can think of would beto have each carriage on its own func_tracktrain, but I'm sure that wouldn't be too god in terms of multiplayer optimisations.

    Suggestions appreciated. :)
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    I think giving each one its own tracktrain would be the answer; can't say I know how well it fares with a lot of players though. Might be okay, might not - try it out?
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    make each a seperate train and space them out so it looks like thier connected that may work.