CP Townraid a2

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Dec 4, 2015
Townraid - Raid the town, break the bunker, blow up the base.

The Plan:
Raid the town
Break the bunker
Blow up the base

This map is currently in it's alpha stages, yes, it's going to look blocky for awhile until I get to detailing.

The "blow up the base" finale is going to be added soon. I'm still working out the logic.

Current Bugs/Things I need to fix:
Red spawn is missing lights (even though I swear to god I had some)
A few places need more clarification that you can NOT enter.

Let me know if you have any feedback! I'm hoping to at least get this to beta, but I can't do that without feedback!


I'm also hosting this map on my server right here!

(if I can't link my server here please let me know)
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