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    Torrent (SURF)
    by Egan

    Currently: Release Candidate V2

    This map is my entry to the LowLagFrag surf map competition.
    Hello ladys and gents, what I have here is my latest surf creation: Surf_Torrent. In this map the players surf through a detailed alpine mountain and activate special events along the way. The difference between torrent and other linear surf maps though, is that the checkpoints along the map here have teleporters that grant players buffs in jail. The farther you surf, the better buffs you can earn!

    Now jail in this map is setup quite differently than a normal surf map jail. I got rid of jail top, and I made the jail have actual tf2 gameplay. The problem with camping on surf maps is that if you're camping, you're not surfing, and you're not having any skillful battles. Hopefully this map will ease the pain of campers, and maybe even change how surf map jails are made.

    My video showcasing the map.

    Here is the download to the no-jail version of the map.

    Also this map requires a custom plugin to run. The plugin is included in the 7z file, so just plop that baby into the addons folder while you upload the map. (Don't skip this step, because it's very important.)
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