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    Tombstone is a King of the Hill map that combines small elements of cp_gorge into its mid point, with a variety of different heights to play at.

    There is a small valley near the middle of the map with a cylinder structure that has a control point on top to capture. There are walls on top of the structure surrounding the control point that protect the capturing team as well as provide easy flanking to catch the capturing team off guard. While the control point is somewhat protected by short walls, it makes for an easy target for Soldiers and Demomen to jump in from the balcony. The balconies are also a friendly spot for Snipers, but they are left vulnerable to be attacked from many different angles and with little health in easy reach.

    Under the middle point is a large room with a health pack for both teams to fight over and for downtime after battles. Hoodoos next to the point as well as small hills allow classes to jump back up to the point, instead of being punished for being in the valley. Classes can also run under the bridge or through the control point's health pack room to flank enemies.

    Each team's side has a good supply of ammo for people to retreat and restock, and provides Engineers with metal to set up a defensive line to protect their side of the map (and spawn). While Engineers have metal, Sentry building has been disabled on the capture point and high balconies. This should minimize your mini-sentry frustration that tends to plague KOTH. The good news for Engineers, they can still build Dispensers and Teleporters in these spots to help their team. (Thanks Halloween update)

    Todo list:

    - Add cables to RED team's telephone poles
    - Make the mid area bigger
    - Move side routes farther away from mid
    - Move spawn farther back and isolate it some more (Viaduct-style)
    - Tweak some func_nobuild spots
    - Add indoor soundscapes for spawns
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    Nobuilding for sentries is generally a bad idea. If a sentry spot is OP, find out why and fix it, rather than just stopping sentries being built there