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[TIP] If your models arent showing up in game

Discussion in 'Tutorials & Resources' started by LeSwordfish, Feb 23, 2011.

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    Help! I've put some models in my map, and they arent showing up at all!

    Relax, they're probably the wrong prop entity. Check to see if you're using a static prop for something that has to be dynamic. (To find out how to do this, read on.)

    What's a prop entity?

    There are several different entities for props.
    prop_static, prop_dynamic, and prop_physics_multiplayer are the main three.

    Prop_static is what you want 90% of the props in your map to be. They cant be named or parented, and dont move at all, or break. A window frame prop would likely be prop_static.

    Prop_dynamic is what you use for props with animations, props that need to do something, or that need to be parented. The props for the doors are likely prop_dynamics.

    Prop_physics_multiplayer are your basic physics prop. If you shoot them, they fall over. Hydro's traffic cones, or the empty bottles in granary, are these. They should be used sparingly because players can get stuck on them, and they slow down the game. Dont make large props physics props.

    So which should my missing prop be?

    To find out which prop entity type your prop can be, open the model browser, and check the info tab.

    By looking at the checked boxes, you can see that these stairs can be placed as static, or dynamic, but not physics props.


    This can can be a physics prop or a static prop, but not dynamic.

    MOST props will work as static props. Unless you need it to be a prop_dynamic, make it static.


    Weapons, hats, medals, and all that stuff, can ONLY be prop_dynamic.

    If your entity is one that the model will not support, it will not show up in game.
    So, if prop_dynamic isnt checked, and you're using a prop_dynamic, your model wont appear.

    But i really want my model to be a dynamic one, and prop_dynamic isnt checked!

    Set the entity as prop_dynamic_override. This wont work as well as a ordinary dynamic prop, though.
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  2. RafaMann

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    thank you for the information, I'm having huge problems with props. I need to put some trees and it's been a major problem and work to even load them to the hammer.....and they dont even appear when I compile =(.....gonna try this tips

    Thanks ;)
  3. HellJumper

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    Thanks for making this. I will definitely link people to it when they encounter this :)
  4. Da_Man

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    It's happened to me on a couple of occasions. Thanks for the info, thats very helpful!
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